Cruise Ship Uniforms

Dress code for cruise ship staff and crew

Uniforms help passengers easily identify the different departments onboard and ensure that the staff and crew are of smart appearance giving a professional feel to the operation. Most ships have a uniform department where you will be taken when you first board and supplied with the relevant clothing for your position.

Many cruise lines have day and evening uniforms including shirts, trousers and waistcoats. Items not supplied by the ship include socks and shoes (unless specific safety boots are required for your job).

What's in a name?

Name badges have been a requirement on every ship that the Cruise Trotter team has worked on and must be worn at all times when in a passenger area (even when off duty). The ship will supply you with yours when you get onboard.

Our recommendations

In our experience of boarding a ship only to find that the uniform department has run out of size 34 trousers or a certain shirt style we strongly recommend bringing a few items with you. We know that this may be an unnecessary expense but a brand new job in a strange environment is daunting enough without having to hold your pants up all night because they don't fit.

Items you may want to purchase prior to starting work

It's a good idea to check the suitability of this list with your recruitment agent or cruise company for your particular role onboard.

  • Black Shoes
  • Black Socks
  • Formal White Shirts
  • Bow Tie
  • Black Trousers